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Hear what our clients have to say.

"Tim, I want you to know how much I appreciate the time you spent with me in finding a place. You helped me find (RCFE) and the credit goes to you for all of your hard work. We will keep in touch. Thank you so very much."

Julie P.

"I just left I think she's in shock :) but I'm sure she will fit in there - lovely people, thanks so much we really appreciate everything you've done :) Just know that what you do is a Godsend I would have been lost lol happy weekend."

Leslie S.

"Thank you so much for helping. That is awesome. Thank you."

Earnie & Margaret L.

"We saw (RFCE) and both my sister and I loved it!!! We took the opening and will move our mom in tomorrow! Thank you sooooo much!"

Keri P.

"I loved it and all of the ladies there, we also took our mom over to meet everyone! I just felt like its "right" and I didn't get that feeling from the other places. We couldn't have done it without your help!"

Melanie R.

"Thank you so much for all the help you gave us. Mom seems to be very happy at (RCFE). I just visited her and she says she loves it there!!! You found the perfect place for her. Thanks again."   Terry D.

"Again - thank you for being you. Just perfect - when we needed perfection We are officially done, done & done! Thank gawd! A zillion thanks, Tim!"

Ken B.

"Thank you so very much for working with us to find the perfect home for Gordon. I enjoyed meeting you and appreciate your support and direction during this stressful time. You do your job well. Blessings."

Dottie P.

"Mom is doing great. Her fellow residents and families just love her and the caregivers are excellent. A big load of worry is lifted. I hope you can find another special person to join our group. This is a forever home. You do very meaningful work. So glad you are here for our community."

Virginia D.

"Just heard from Sandy moments ago that we are at ____ , signing the rental agreement on Thursday. In the knick of time too. Wifey ready to 86 me. By the way I owe you big time. Your services"   

Steve R.

"Thanks for the comment about seeing my mom. She's doing great at _____. Never once has she asked to leave or about her home. I'm so thankful for your assistance in getting her there!"   Marylnn V.

"Thanks for the picture. This was definitely the right move; Mom is doing better than she has in months! Your help has been invaluable…so glad I listened to Linka and called you!"

Laurie G.

"She is doing great. She is more active, engaged more even with us. We are very impressed with everyone we have dealt with at ____. She goes to play bingo and they help her watch her cards. She has her hair done each week and loves when they have someone come to play music. A great fit for her."   

Sharron W.

"Bob is doing really great and fitting in nicely and comfortable. We couldn't be happier."   Teresa B.

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