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Bakersfield, California has been mine and my wife's home since we got married and moved here in August, 1986.  As the years have flown by, our 4 children and 8 grandchildren have all been born and raised here. Needless to say, I'm proud to call Bakersfield my home!

My early career was in education, having taught locally at Beardsley Jr. High School. Soon thereafter, I started my own business, and have been in the business world as an owner, partner, director and now owner again roles ever since, with the last 20+ years being in the healthcare industry.

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In September 2008, I was fortunate to be hired by Darlyn Baker at Interim HealthCare to run the home-care division. By March of 2009, I started a new division within Interim -- Bakersfield Senior Placement -- designed to assist Interim's home care clients transition into licensed assisted living options when living at home was no longer the best option. April 6, 2009 was my/our very first placement ever through the new division.

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Since that day, I have been blessed to assist  and accompany over 1,300 individuals and or families in locating the best possible option for themselves or their loved ones right here in our community. Who would've thought that? Unlike most others, my methods are very personal. I don't merely send you places; I escort you there. Before we even go, with the help of Judy Snyder, who handles 90% of my intake, we will have compiled a profile of the loved one I'm assisting and with permission, sent that ahead of us to each scheduled stop. Our visits are pre-set appointments to top communities and/or state licensed care homes that match up best with the loved one's profile, developed through my database of over 130 local options. It is from this personalized, non-rushed tour, and our ongoing dialogue, that you will be equipped to make the best decision for your loved one.
In many ways, what I do is often compared to that of selling real estate. While there are similarities to be sure, there's actually a HUGE difference, and that difference is what makes me so passionate about what I do. Not to downplay the complexity of what real estate professionals must learn and deal with (I obtained a real estate license over 15 years ago, and am well aware of their expertise), but selling an inanimate object to a buyer as a one-and-done transaction is much different than what I do. What I am assisting with is to help individuals navigate an ongoing relationship that will often last until their passing, or the passing of their loved one. That means that in many cases, it can ultimately be the costliest rental agreement they will ever make, even exceeding the cost of prior mortgages. Yet, that's not all. I'm not merely taking into account a budget, but equally if not more importantly trying to take and present a picture of the unique physical, cognitive, social, financial, emotional, and spiritual differences of my clients, and introduce them to environments that are able to meet those needs. Both now, and in most cases, for the remainder of their years.

It is not an understatement to say these decisions are often the most important decisions made by/for that individual in their lifetime, yet far too many needlessly attempt to navigate this industry alone, making these critical decisions from limited amount of information they are given by professionals who, as nice as they all are, have a primary goal of highlighting the very best picture of their community as possible. It's nice to have an advocate that will not only set up those in-person visits, but also attend each one, have an ongoing dialogue throughout the entire process and assist with the required paperwork. That's what I do.

I'm sure that was waaaaaay too long for most folks to read, but if you're one of the few that did, then now you know what, how and especially why I do what I do.
I look forward to meeting you,

Tim Kounter
Certified Senior Advisor since 2013

RCFE Administrator (#6027638740) since 2013


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